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Blue Water

Bridge Matrix Coaching

Cable-Stayed Bridge Tower

Bridge Your Transition



Arch Bridge

Life Transitions Can Be Complex

As an ICF Certified Life & Wellness Coach, I am here to help you navigate through your transition with clarity and confidence.

Whether personal, family or career related, transitions are never easy. 



Thinking of New Horizons?

Feeling stuck in your situation?

Old habits getting in your way?

Overwhelmed with your daily grind?

Lack of Work-Life balance?

Looking for clarity with a new idea/project?

Struggling with a relationship?

Wanting to make a change but not sure how to get started?



A helping hand can make a world of difference and help you transition with more ease, in the direction that best suits you.









Wellness & Harmony can be restored. 

Let me help you with your transition.

Rock Balancing

I'm here to help.

Explore with me, gain some clarity and take your first steps towards what you truly WANT.

If not now... 



For Life Transitions

As the saying goes, "The only constant in life is change".

Change affects us all and whether big or small, short term or long term, we all perceive life changes differently as they affect us on so many levels.

Change can bring joy, happiness, excitement, hope, overwhelm, sadness, anxiety, impatience, anger and literally take us through the whole spectrum of human emotions as we navigate through our major Life Transitions.

This can lead us to make unhealthy, impulsive decisions or cloud our vision to a point where we feel disconnected with our core, with who we really are.

As an ICF Certified Life & Wellness Coach, I am here to hold space for you and create a supportive environment to help you navigate through your Life Transition.

I will help you identify the emotions, the blind spots, the limiting beliefs and perceived obstacles that stand in your way as you move through this transition. I will support you in developing the self-awareness you need to identify your new goals and first steps towards this new phase in your life.

If it is true that change takes time, it doesn't mean that you need to be on this journey on your own.

I can help you slow down, declutter what no longer serves you, find your center and tap into your authentic Self so that you can sail through your Life Transition with calm and clarity, focused on your future.


Let me be the Bridge

between what IS 

and where you WANT to BE.

Bridge into the Woods

It's never too late to

begin again.

Let me help you re-discover what is in you so you can shine towards New Horizons.

Stronger, empowered, energized and confident, moving forward.

Mountain Landscape

Life Begins at the End

of Your Comfort Zone.

Begin Your Journey Today.

* En français? I am fully bilingual (English & French) and can therefore offer your coaching session in either language. Your choice.

Je suis parfaitement bilingue (français & anglais) alors je peux vous offrir vos sessions dans la langue de votre choix. Votre préférence.

Vous pouvez me contacter à ou par téléphone au 1-780-908-3986.
           Location: Canada

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