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Tylana A.

Receiving coaching from Natacha opened up opportunities for me to gain the self-awareness to trust myself with my decisions during pivotal life experiences. Natacha’s calm, welcoming and inclusive coaching presence allowed me to engage fully in mindfulness practices that proved to lessen stress and create a mindset shift toward confidence to achieve my goals when I was feeling stuck.

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Shelley N.

Natacha offers a safe and non-judgemental space to process thoughts and emotions and her coaching style made me feel very comfortable. Through my sessions with her, I have identified  limiting beliefs and formed a path forward towards positive change. I would highly recommend her.

Deanne R.

My coaching sessions with Natacha really helped me gain clarity of my goals and the plan I needed to reach them. I was invigorated and excited after our sessions and have already made progress. 

Natacha gave me lots of space to think and I felt like she really listened to me. I felt her questions helped me see things I wouldn't have realized on my own. 

She has a very calm presence about her. I especially loved the chance to breathe and to get centered before we started.


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"Gratitude unlocks the Fullness of Life."

My First Coaching Session

My first Life and Wellness Coaching session with Natacha was wonderful. We started the session with a breathing exercise, which made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Right from the start, Natacha asked me great questions, which really made me think and it turned out that I had a lot to think and talk about! I loved Natacha's calm and understanding demeanor and felt very secure and able to open up. What I liked about the session was the time that it gave me to reflect on some beliefs that I have been carrying around with me for a very long time. I appreciated Natacha's questions to find out more about my thoughts and beliefs. It allowed me to discover some great strategies that I can use moving forward. She also suggested some additional resources that could be of support for me through my transition. I can't wait for my next session with Natacha and already recommended her to all my friends and coworkers.

Thank you so much Natacha! 

Marta Kruse
Human Resources Manager

Lasting Success

I am delighted to recommend Natacha as a Life Coach. In our sessions together, I have had such moments of self-awareness. She asked questions that fostered much reflection. I truly felt like she was partnering with me, yet humbly and professionally holding space for me so I could experience doing the work myself! I have had lasting success in my day-to-day life because of our sessions together.

Natacha, thank you so much for helping me through our coaching sessions! You are truly empowering me and inspiring me in finding clarity and moving forward in the midst of my transition.

Sandra McKechnie
Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness Facilitator

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Eureka Moments

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Natacha and those Eureka moments after she helped me find the motivation to step out of my comfort zone. She found ways to inspire me and to raise my self-awareness so I could have a clear line of sight to my untapped potential. If I have to say one thing, it'll be Natacha's ability to keep the narrative consistent to build that needed momentum. Her style makes you own each discovery about yourself, with confidence.

Carlos Jimenez

Professional Engineer

The Leap

Ready to Take the Next Steps

I have nothing but positive things to say about my coaching experience with Natacha. She was very calm and patient as she listened to me. It was very refreshing to have someone listen and ask reflective questions rather than provide advice and opinions; the experience was mine and Natacha never impeded on that. She listened and responded positively to my comments and questions, I never felt judged. I feel I was easily able to open up and discuss my experiences. Natacha created a trusted space for me to reflect on situations, questions, thoughts and ideas. I can now identify the positive learning that came from it. I loved that I was able to discuss my thoughts, feelings, emotions in both French and English language as Natacha understands this is very important to me. I left the session feeling much better about my future plans and felt prepared to take the next steps needed to reach my goals. 

Natacha has a natural way of boosting one's self-confidence

and I cannot thank her enough for her continued support!

Sara Currie

French Immersion Teacher

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