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Why a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a trained professional who partners with you to help you maximize your personal & professional potential.

A Life Coach will help you reach your goals and/or bring about positive change in your life.

Blue Water

Major Life Transitions


Change can be unsettling and overwhelming.

So many clouds can come in the way to make us

think that we are stuck. 

A Life Coach will partner with you, with unconditional trust and confidentiality.

A Life Coach won’t tell you what to do or give you advice.

A Life Coach is objective, non-judgmental, an excellent listener, and helps you uncover the strategies and steps forward that will work best for you



Major Life Transitions lead to New Beginnings.


Let me support you in this Life Transition and

help you clarify what you really want.

Woman on a Bridge
Mountains in Clouds

Self-awareness & Refocus


The process of coaching allows for reflection and self-awareness. It can make you uncover your blind spots, release limiting beliefs about what you are truly capable of and therefore unlock your full potential.


Maybe the journey

isn't about

becoming anything.

Maybe it's about


everything that isn't

really you, so you

can be who you

were meant to be in

 the first place.

- Paulo Coelho -

Mountain Range

Clarity & Confidence


As your Life Coach, I can help you discover your strengths and identify your personal and professional goals.

Discover your Inner Voice and arrive at your goals with Clarity & Confidence.

Crossing the Bridge
Hikers High Five
Sail Boats

Goals, Strategies & Action


Having a clear New Perspective of what your desired future can look like generates new goals.

Discovering the tools and coping strategies to get there can empower you to get out of your Comfort Zone, in the direction of your next chapter.

Person Writing
Running Up the Steps

As your Life Coach, let me help you navigate through your Life Transition, let me help you cross the bridge over to New Horizons.

Glass Buildings


Woman Alone in Forest

Tara T.
Executive Sales Account Manager

My experience working with Natacha with Bridge Matrix Coaching was like someone holding your hand as you walk through a strange path in a cool forest. 

It is somewhere I wanted to go but it was unexplored. 

Natacha beautifully helped me create that safe space to explore, being able to stand outside myself and dig into what is important to me now and moving forward. It allowed me to focus on my needs and to face some fears, discovering what actions suit me and my goals. Working with a coach is not therapy, Natacha was a guide. She was a compass for check in and was truly curious with her questions, resulting in such awareness for me. The clarity that has resulted around my situation by the end of even the first session stays with me today. It has changed how I move through my day, prompting me to be aware of myself when things arise. Natacha has an ease about her. I felt it as soon as I started my session so it was easy to relax. I would highly recommend working with her. The time you devote and investment in yourself with her will be invaluable.

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