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Meet Your Coach

ICF Certified Life & Wellness Coach 

Hello!  Bonjour!  Hola!

I am here to help you bridge your transition with Clarity & Confidence.

My sense of adventure and my curiosity for Human Nature have taken me on many paths in life so far. This translates into change, which means transitions. To name a few, I lived between two countries in Europe before I decided to move to Canada in 1993. Moving to Canada as I was just starting my adult life meant many adjustments and important life choices to be made. If only I could have had a Life Coach back then! 

Several years later, after venturing through a myriad of life transitions, experiencing loss on many levels and reconsidering my priorities, I found myself deeply involved in the world of Wellness, Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Psychology.

This curiosity and desire to help others find their center and what truly drives them has led me to the Life & Wellness Coach program. After teaching for several years and bringing what I was learning in the world of Wellness to my students, I came to realize that this is where my passion resides.

- Helping Others find their Wellness -

- Helping Others step into the best version of themselves. -


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