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Change: What's Your Style?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022


Have you had the chance to marvel at the stunning colours of Fall? They dazzle our sight with shimmering gold flakes on branches or red and orange hues on other trees. The warm gentle sun rays alternate with the crisp morning and evening air. As the migratory birds gather to leave South and other animals are busy gathering food and preparing for Winter, we instinctively know that changes are coming and that those gold flakes and warm Autumn sun rays will soon fade away.

Time of change and transitions, Fall is a time for reflection. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fall is linked to the Metal element (out of the 5 elements in TCM). When in balance, the Metal element of Autumn translates into flexibility, stable mood, healthy boundaries, easy routines and inspiring habits. When out of balance, it is associated with emotions of sadness, nostalgia, melancholy and not being able to let go. As our bodies prepare and adjust to less daylight, cooler weather and changes in nature, it also affects our state of mind and emotions.

Most of us live in harmony with the seasons and adapt quickly, without seemingly being affected, whereas a few of us are more prone to seasonal changes and struggle to adapt. The latter often manifests as a lack of energy and vitality, accompanied by low moods and emotions.

Why such discrepancies among us?

All in all, there are 3 main styles when it comes to Change and adapting to it. We each change at different rates and in different ways so what might work for your neighbour or your best friend might not work for you.

Here are the 3 styles of dealing with change:

  • The Status Quo Camper: You resist change and whether satisfied with it or not, you stay the same and plough through your days. (often leads to “fossil mind syndrome”)

  • The Happy Chameleon: You embrace change and openly welcome it without seemingly being affected by it. (rare but those Mavericks are out there)

  • The Brave Explorer: You want to change, to better yourself and move through phases in your life the best that you can. (including seasonal changes :))

While most of us would love to fall into the “Happy Chameleon” category, let’s keep in mind that those lucky colourful individuals don’t morph through changes effortlessly or on their own. They enjoy a healthy support system and know where to get the resources they need to seamlessly navigate changes in their life.

So you might ask yourself: what can help when dealing with change?

There are a few common denominators when it comes to riding those waves. Here are a few pointers to get your mind going:

1. Determine the exact nature of the cause or need for the change you want in your life.

2. Get some clarity by reaching out to external sources/ supports that could help you.

Yes, Google has an answer for everything but is it the only thing you need?

Oftentimes, someone in our circle or network could have answers & tips for us.

If not enough, reaching out to a trained professional in the field where your needs are will help you get there, ie. counsellor, mentor, psychologist, naturopath, dietician, Life Coach, etc.

3. Set goals around the change you want to see happen in your life.

4. Implement new habits around your desired goal.

5. Invite accountability in your daily/ weekly new routines.

This could come in the form of an “Accountability Buddy”, the trained professional involved in your support system and many other practical strategies that can easily become part of your daily routines.

Changes are inevitably part of our lives. Even fossils still undergo slight changes through the passing of time. As the signs of Fall surround us, we all need to adapt and make changes to our daily routines. The key is to be aware of what our needs are and to adapt based on what truly works for us. We are all unique and evolving at our own pace, in our heads, in our minds, in our heart, in our soul, through our own reality and circumstances.

By Natacha Le Norgant

ICF Certified Life & Wellness Coach


Online booking available for one-on-one Life Coaching sessions.

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