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How to Let Go

- A Simple Exercise -

Letting Go can be one of the hardest things to do. Whether it’s about letting go of fear, worry, anger, resentment, judgments, or perhaps letting go of someone in our life, Human Nature often brings us back to what we know, to our routine patterns of thoughts & emotions.

You might be wondering: How do I let go of thoughts and emotions that do not serve me? Or worse, that cause me pain and suffering.

Well, here is a simple method that you might want to try in order to regain your freedom and move on.

The Sedona Method

The Sedona method is an easy exercise to check in with yourself and practise letting go.

Suppressed emotions, if not released, fester in your subconscious and keep preventing you from moving forward. Over and over again. They can get you stuck in a perpetual state of negativity and anxiety, affecting your relationships, your work life and your personal life. It can then place you in the helpless victim mode, aka martyrdom state of mind, ruining your life satisfaction.

The positive news is that YOU are in control of your thoughts and feelings, not the other way around. You are in control of how long they last. It is your choice to hang on to them or to let them go.

"Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go."


Here is how to start:

Find a quiet, comfortable place and come to a state of calm.

Think about something you want to change. It could be a situation with a person, a place or thing. It might also be a behaviour, a habit, a recurring emotion, a judgment you have about yourself… whatever it is, simply focus on it and feel what it’s like to want to change it.

Ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  • Could I let this go?

  • Would I let it go?

  • When?

Your first impulse might, of course, be to answer NO or to reluctantly say YES, only to sabotage yourself the next day. This simply means that you are not ready yet. Acknowledge it and come back to it at a different time. Don’t wait too long though…

Come back to it and repeat the steps until you are ready to let go. After all, patience and repetition are probably worth not carrying this with you everyday of your life. Imagine yourself walking around with an anvil or a sandbag on your back everyday. That would take a lot of energy. So come back to this simple exercise often until you are ready to drop the weight.

Journey On

All too often we get stuck in “wanting” rather than in taking action. Remember that you are in the driver’s seat when it comes to thoughts and emotions. You are not your thoughts and you are not your emotions… unless you let them rule you and drive you around.

It can truly feel freeing and cathartic to let go. Only then are you able to move on to something else in your life, to new opportunities and fresh outlooks on what can now be.

If going about it alone feels too overwhelming or unattainable, seek out the assistance of a friend, join a support group or reach out to a Life Coach. Sometimes a little help can go a long way in letting go.

The key is to get started, to persevere, to stick with it and to journey on to your path of freedom, relief and new possibilities. No more anvil… No more sandbags!

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